Honorary Doctorate

UTS Awards Honorary Doctorates
Two honorary doctorates were awarded on Saturday, May 30 by the Unification Theological Seminary to Ms. Sun Jin Moon and Mr. In Sup Park during a luncheon held in the banquet hall at the International Peace Education Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

From left: Dr. Michael Balcomb, Dr. In Sup Park, Dr. Sun Jin Moon, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim and Dr. Hugh Spurgin at the International Peace Education Center.

Dr. Hugh Spurgin, President of the Unification Theological Seminary, read the following citation of the achievement of Ms. Sun Jin Moon:
“Sun Jin Moon, you have lived a life of dedication and service to the greater good. You distinguished yourself as a student and scholar during your career at Harvard University not only as an inductee into the Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honor Society but through your election as the Class Marshall by the Dean and Faculty. You have put that scholarship to good effect as the Chairperson of the Pacific Rim Education Foundation where you have worked to design, plan and develop a valuable educational center and effective educational programming for a global student body. At the same time, you also served the High School of the Pacific through consulting on the development of its international, intercultural curricula and programs. Through this work, you dedicated yourself to serving today’s youth seeking out educational programs that would provide the young students the means to become effective global leaders.
“As a successful businesswoman, you found a way to serve the wider community through your role as the chairperson of Seil Tours, an international travel company, and as the Director of the Board of the Yong Pyong Ski Resort in South Korea. In both roles you were able to introduce new business practices and expand the outreach of these companies through publishing multiple articles that have strengthened and enriched the company, its employees and those they serve.
“More recently, you have expanded the scope of your service as the International Chairperson for the Universal Peace Federation and the International President of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification International. These positions have allowed you to begin to address the peacebuilding needs of our global society. Your dedication to the vision of a global family under the parenthood of God reflects the ethos and values of the Unification Theological Seminary.
“Therefore, in recognition of your life of dedication and service, the Unification Theological Seminary confers upon you the degree of Doctor of Sacred Theology,honoris causa.”

Quelle: FFWPU USA und FFWPU International