Arabic calligraphies by Qais Saidi

​A beautiful introduction to the world of thought of Rev. Moon for Arabic speaking people.

100 pages, texts in English, Arabic, Korean and German
3 € of each sale go to support children in Mossul/Iraq

A volume with 90 quotes about true love and peace from Rev. Moon’s autobiography illustrated through 90 Arabic calligraphies.

For many years, Ambassador for Peace Qais Saidi, studied the work, life and words of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Inspired by Rev. Moon’s vision and action for world peace, he created over one hundred Arabic calligraphies, all dedicated to support the ideal of a unified human family, living in peace with itself. Each of the 90 calligraphies in this book illustrates a quote of  Rev. Moon and each quote is written in Arabic, English, German and also Korean, Rev. Moon’s native tongue. One can reflect on each of the pictures, as they reveal their beauty and wisdom brush-stroke by brush-stroke.

“Qais Saidi is a man of vision, a man who shares that vision through the visual arts, and in particular the art of Arabic calligraphy. Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who passed in 2012, was also a very talented calligrapher, and he often shared essential teachings and profound insights that were as beautiful as they were inspirational. “Love and Peace in the Eyes of Rev. Moon” offers a unique and valuable introduction to the philosophy of peace, and true love, that characterizes the thought of Rev. Sun Myung Moon.”

Dr. Thomas Walsh President of the Universal Peace Federation.”
President, Universal Peace Federation International